Smoke Detectors

It is common practice to install smoke detectors in homes and in commercial buildings. While the type and size of the smoke detector is mainly dependant on the residential or commercial building, it is important to have one nonetheless.

The smoke detectors we provide at SafeZone24 ensures maximum protection for your home or business. While it cannot prevent fires from happening, our smoke detectors can keep your family or employees safe by warning them with a loud alarm siren when a fire occurs. We also offer specially designed smoke detectors that can contact 911 or the nearest fire department whenever a fire breaks out in your home or office. Please add: while most of store-bought wireless smoke detectors are battery powered and can die one day without a warning, our smart detectors can last up to a few years and 

Enhance Your Safety with Wireless Smoke Detectors!

The importance of installing a robust and reliable smoke detector in your home or at the office cannot be denied. The detector sounds an alarm whenever it senses any extreme temperatures or smoke, and alerts a monitoring team, the fire department or 911.

The smoke detectors that we provide our customers with uses a photoelectric smoke alarm along with a built-in transmitter that is specially designed for our smoke detectors. Whenever smoke is detected, our state-of-the-art smoke detectors sound a loud alarm and simultaneously notifies a central monitoring station. This loud signal is repeated every 20 seconds until the smoke detector can no longer detect smoke in its vicinity.

During regular usage, our smoke detector sends hourly status reports to the monitoring team so that they can ensure that your home is safe and smoke-free.

Superior Protection 24/7

  • Our smoke detectors are the ideal option for a number of reasons;
  • Detecting all types of smoke; from faint to dense.
  • Less prone to false alarms such as, fumes from the fireplace or stove.
  •  Do not contain any harmful radioactive material.

Importance of “Low-Frequency” Alarm Systems

It is important to realize that a child’s sleeping pattern is different than that of an adult, which means what can wake up an adult while they’re asleep will not have the same effect on children. This is where low-frequency alarm systems come in. Ask any expert and they will tell you that during a fire it is important to escape within the first few minutes, after which the deadly smoke and flames can critically diminish your chances of survival.

Studies have shown that audible smoke detectors with a square wave tone and a lowered frequency level are much more effective when it comes to waking up individuals during a fire emergency. In fact, our enhanced smoke detectors are also able to wake up those who have mild to severe hearing impairment as well, or those who are under the influence of sleeping tablets or alcohol.

The use of smoke detectors clearly reduces the amount of property losses, deaths and injuries due to fires. A professional installation of a smoke detector means that there is less chance of anything going wrong with the alarm once installed. But, it also means that you can rest assured that your home or business is safe when you are away. Our service warranty backs that up should anything go wrong. This is why you should get one of our affordable and reliable smoke detectors for your property.

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