Pickpockets Caught on Security Camera at International Airport

Israel’s International Airport Spokesman recently reported the capture of two pickpockets that were active in the airport premises.
Two weeks ago, an elderly couple from Jerusalem received a ‘helping hand’ from a 50 year old male, who was known by the authorities to have a criminal record.  During the kind gesture the couple's documents and money mysteriously vanished. The couple did not suspect anything until they realized that something was missing. But it was too late and the two senior citizens were unable to board the plane because of not having their passport and money.  After a complaint was made, the airport security staff was able to pull footage from the security cameras which clearly showed the thief fleeing by  train to Tel-Aviv. 

The Crime Prevention Unit of the airport was briefed and studied the criminal’s profile, using the security camera recordings which revealed a pattern showing that it was only a matter of time until he returned to the field.
A short while ago, the thief did return to the airport as expected, this time with another pair of hands. The unfortunate pickpockets were recognized immediately by the Crime Prevention Unit team who caught them red handed, attempting to steal a lady’s purse. Thanks to the security camera, the team arrested the two pickpockets and handed them over to the police for further investigation.