how to be in control even if you're rent controlled


Who Are you Rent Control anyway?

There are two forms of rent regulations in New York City, one is called rent control, while the other is known as rent stabilization. Both laws have been mandated by the New York State government with the intention of preventing New Yorkers from being driven out of the rental market entirely. While there are less than 2% or around 27,000 rent-stabilized or rent-controlled apartments in the city of New York, that doesn’t mean that it does not come with its own set of problems.

can you actually control it?

control The most common of those problems that tenants of rent controlled apartments often take advantage of the low rents and sub-let their apartments to other tenants for more than what they are paying. This is obviously against the law and means that the landlords end up at the sharp end of the deal, especially if the apartment is located in a high rent borough such as Manhattan.

While rent investigation is considered a business in New York City, with many private detectives offering their services in sniffing out the tenants who are making an extra buck at the expense of an unsuspecting landlord, there are ways in which a landlord can take matters into their own hands and not get fooled by those renters who’re looking to exploit the system.

Keeping that in mind, we offer cutting edge facial recognition technology that gives back control to the landlord. Thanks to our Face Recognition Access Control System, landlords can keep a watchful eye on their tenants.

yes we can

Using unique facial recognition technology, our system is able to identify authorized individuals from a distance, while still remaining non-intrusive when it comes to the privacy of the renter. Unlike other systems that require special hardware and software, our Access Control and Face Recognition System is able to integrate seamlessly with your current security or surveillance system, which means no hassle of having to reinstall the security system of corporate buildings, campuses and educational institutions, stadiums, transportation facilities, data centers, Government spaces and of course residential buildings.

This unique fusion of our technology offers seamless identification of who comes and goes from your apartment, so that no renter can take advantage of you. Apart from that, the Access Control and Face Recognition System also provides an additional layer of security for an apartment building, making it safe not only for the landlord but for the tenants too. Furthermore, installing our Access Control and Face Recognition System in your apartment means that you don’t have to bother about tenants accusing you of something as embarrassing as harassment, if you decide on hiring a private investigator instead. To keep yourself safe from renters who are looking to break the law by sub-letting your apartment get our Access Control and Face Recognition System today and say good-bye to your problems forever.