all you need to know about Slip and fall accidents

2.4 Million people, every year

While something like a slip-and-fall accident may not sound that serious, the fact of the matter is that thousands of people are seriously injured due to slipping and falling down stairs or other slippery surfaces. Even ground that has become uneven to a dangerous degree can be the cause of a slip-and-fall accident and lead to some serious injuries.

An alarming statistic which describes the seriousness of slip and fall accidents is that around 2.4 million people are rushed to the ER each year due to slip and fall accidents, which makes for nearly 55% of the total amount of victims of slip and fall accidents in the United States. While it can be difficult to prove whether or not an owner of a property is at all responsible for a slip and fall accident, many property owners still find themselves fighting lawsuits and actually struggling to defend themselves in the court of law.

There are many cases in which the property owner is slapped with a lawsuit after a long period of time, making it impossible for them to retrieve any sort of evidence or video footage which would prove otherwise. Property owners usually find themselves in this situation because most DVR systems only store data for a short period of time, which means that finding any concrete evidence of their innocence becomes impossible for the property owner.

What we offer is a cloud-based backup system which allows our clients to retrieve any video footage from absolutely anywhere, anytime. Plus we offer an extended physical HDD storage capacity so that more data can be stored. With our technology, you can rest assured, knowing that the recordings will not disappear after 30 days, which is a fact that could one day save your life and money.

Got a security camera? so what

Maria H. (not her real name) just filed a lawsuit against Jeffrey Colman (not his real name), a house owner from Queens, for a slip and fall accident injury which took place last January. But, while Jeffery did have a surveillance video camera installed, it had been seven months, and any chance of retrieving the video footage of that particular day was lost. Even more frustrating was the fact that he was not to blame for the injuries of Maria H. the accuser.  So, how could he prove his innocence? The sad truth is that he couldn’t because although the DVR which he had bought two years ago was of the best quality, it could not record footage of more than just a few weeks, after which the footage was deleted automatically, as it is with all DVR systems. Now all Jeffrey Colman can do is hire himself a really good lawyer to get him out of this pickle.

The Ultimate solution

This unfortunate situation could be avoided had Jeffrey Colman bought the cloud based system along with the extended HDD hard drive memory by SafeZone24, which offers months of backup so that you can find the crucial footage you need whenever you need it.

SafeZone’s technology is revolutionary in the fact that is offers days of data recording which is stored on the cloud so that it can be retrieved later. This DVR system has actually been designed for storing data for long periods of time thanks to its extended video storage capabilities. So, buy SafeZone’s DVR technology to keep yourself from being exposed to any future lawsuits. The median compensation which is awarded to a slip and fall victim is around $83,000 in the U.S., if innocent, you can keep yourself from having to pay that kind of money just by using SafeZone’s Cloud-based DVR technology.