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Becoming a member of the neighborhood watch:

This is a joint community effort to make our neighborhood more secure by installing multiple cameras.

It’s our business to see what’s going on in our street, and to be able to retrieve  video footage of any incident.

The more camera coverage that our joint effort can bring, the less crime we can expect.

Below, please indicate how you can help with our efforts:

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The enclosed price is application-fee only and a detailed estimate will be sent to you shortly, the fee is nonrefundable and the estimate wont be charged without your explicit confirmation. 

safezone24 cannot guarantee of tracking your desired scene as we will do our very best and utilizing video analysts in order to reach a satisfying results.    

safezone24 may cancel any incoming order and refund the buyer subject to it's consideration solely.

Please note:

after filling the form below please go to CART in order to pay and  complete the process  

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