Facial Recognition

A Better Tool for Law Enforcement!

A facial recognition system is a combination of highly efficient software which is backed up by cutting-edge hardware technology that is used to verify and identify a person by recognizing their face. Mostly required by high-security installations, facial recognition systems are now making their way to the workplace and even homes as well.

In a facial recognition system, the identification is carried out by extracting the facial features of a person from an image and then compared with existing images that have been previously stored in the database.


Our facial recognition systems can be easily installed and are extremely easy to use. They operate via IP and can fully integrate with cloud solutions as well. To enhance the security of a building, our facial recognition system can be installed in places such as:

  • Residential buildings

  • Government buildings

  • Educational institutions

  • Public and private buildings and High-risk areas

 In short, wherever there is a need for enhanced personal identification and permission. At SafeZone24, we offer facial recognition systems which are compliant with international standards and by using biometrics to map face images we make sure that our services are in full accordance with user privacy constraints as well.

Smooth Interoperability

What makes our technology unique is that it is able to identify individuals from a distance and while they are in motion, classifying individuals as authorized or non-authorized people in an instant and sending a notification to the system support team all in real time.

Since our facial recognition system is reliable, accurate and non-intrusive, there is no need for individuals to slow down or stop in order to get scanned properly by the system.  It is perfectly able to identify authorized personnel efficiently, providing secure access security to buildings at all levels.

Facial recognition for Homes

Who says homes don’t need cutting-edge technology such as facial recognition? There are many landlords who are losing money because they do not have any real control over their property. For instance, under the rent control guidelines in New York City, some renters pay only a fraction of the amount compared to the market value of the property. More often than not, these renters decide on subletting their rent-controlled apartment to another person on the real market price, which means that the owner is actually losing money by a renter who is breaking the law.

Installing a biometric facial recognition system in these rent-controlled properties enables the owners to find out if they are being cheated by those who rent their properties, by making sure that only authorized tenants are allowed access to their home. The seamless integration with access control and the camera means that homeowners can keep an eye on their property and use the data as evidence against those who are breaking the law.

The Best Solution for Your Buildings and High-Risk Areas!

If you want to have maximum security with effortless control and remain within budget then our extremely intelligent facial recognition system can easily read and detect a virtually unlimited amount of faces from our database. And the best part is our facial recognition system only gets better with time.

Benefits of using our facial recognition system:

  • Highly accurate

  • Smart and efficient

  • Non-invasive

  • A maximum level of security

  • No need for keys (just your face)

To find out more on how you can benefit by using our bleeding edge facial recognition technology you can contact us today at 888-646-2608 free.