Many observant Jews are unaware that burglar alarm systems are prohibited to be used on Shabbos even when these are deactivated.

The reason for this is simple: Although the system is off, its sensors still work to detect all your motions and movements; each time you open or close a window or a door, each time a mechanical activity occurs, a signal is sent to the main system.

Leaving the system enabled during Shabbos leads to the transgression of several prohibitions, including מלאכת סותר (Tearing down), מלאכת בונה (Building) and מלאכת מוליד (Producing). 

All attempts to fix the problem and remain protected at the same time have failed:

From covering up detectors with a cloth to bypassing the affected zones with the keypad, to disabling the LED light in detectors, people have come up with all sorts of creative “solutions” which only solved half the problem.

Others, more stringent, disconnect their system completely before Shabbos, hence leaving their residences or businesses vulnerable for an entire day, sometimes even a weekend.



To solve this problem, we have developed a unique and revolutionary system which has been created taking in account both halachic requirements mentioned above, and your family’s and facility’s protection throughout the Shabbes.

We hereby introduce the first kosher le’mehadrin alarm system, certified by expert rabbis.



Our alarms have been equipped with a special Shabbos Mode, which automatically neutralizes the “alarm intrusion detectors” but at the same time keeps other detectors, like the 24-h protective zones for fire and carbon monoxide detection which remains and continues detecting smoke in case of fire.

While on Shabbos mode, you have an option to also keep certain areas completely active while deactivating others. For example, if there is a room, safe or office you won’t be using on Shabbos, the sensors can be set to work only in these places.

Same for your doors and windows, which will be staying secure: you can preset a time when the system will automatically activate and deactivate the alarm around these, leaving your home, synagogue and other facilities secure, and allowing you to have a good Shabbos, feeling safe and secure.