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This Memorandum of Understanding is made between “My Community Watch”, and Community member participant (“camera owner”), with an address at ADDRESS, for performance of services provided by “My Community Watch” - a the centralized database of cameras.

Scope of Project:

In response to numerous assaults that have taken place in Brooklyn communities, “My Community Watch” is organizing Hot Spot Camera registration, an initiative to help improve public safety by partnering with local residents across our neighborhood to centralized database of security cameras locations within our neighborhood - This information will assist community security personnel in apprehending and bringing criminals to justice making our street safer. In consideration of this agreement, the parties agree to the following:  

1.    The camera owner should provide information about the  camera locations and type of system as well as emergency contact information should the need arise.

2.      “My Community Watch” will work in conjunction with community member participant to retrieve  video footage of any incidence captured by the community member participant system. “My Community Watch” will contact the community member participant should the need arise to request the video footage related to an incident.

3.      “My Community Watch” will make available camera footage of incidents taking place on streets and public areas to local law enforcement personnel and community security organizations without charge to assist in crime prevention and investigations. No third party access is allowed without your explicit agreement.

4.      Any request for captured video footage under this agreement for other use or purpose to assist the private/commercial sector such as an insurance investigation or for news media will be subject to broadcasting rights that will remain with the camera owner. With owner permission,  “My Community Watch” will charge a fee for the labor involved in providing such footage according to its rate schedule. The community member participant will be compensated 50% of the collected amount by the  “My Community Watch”. Such payment will be distributed not later than 30 days from receipt of payment.

5.      Password  Protected

  1. “My Community watch” data will be password protected.

  2. All “My Community watch” members participants will be screened prior to access privileges to it’s database and interface.   

  3. Security cameras Community member participant credentials will only be disclosed to My Community Watch operators.

  4. Thumbnail still images of camera view will be available only to My Community Watch and will be distributed only as agreed in this agreement.

6.      All request to obtain video footage will made using emails or social App.

7.      Nothing in this agreement will give the My Community Watch or any other entity any rights to intercept or otherwise view video footage outside of this agreement with the cooperation of Community member participant. All requests by the My Community Watch to review or copy video footage shall be done in accordance with this agreement.

8.      The community member participant shall not be liable to My Community Watch, or any other party, for any injuries or claims that may arise under this agreement, including but not limited to, any injuries or claims that may arise from providing the video footage or not providing video footage to any party.  “My Community Watch” will indemnify camera owner for any third party claim resulting from this agreement.

As understood and agreed to by: