Video Surveillance


A Reliable Deterrent to Crime at Home or at the Office

An estimated 82% of Americans worry about their property while they are away. This can easily be avoided by using live streaming video surveillance. There are two basic purposes of video surveillance:

  • The first (and most obvious) one is to deter crime.

  •  The second is to catch the criminals once the crime has been committed.

Our video surveillance systems have been designed to do just that. Since around-the-clock video surveillance has become a necessity for homeowners as well as business owners, SafeZone24 is here to provide its clients with top-notch video surveillance systems that can keep an eye on your property while you’re away.


Protect Your Property and Possessions

Did you know that homes without proper security are five times more likely to be robbed? With our premium quality video surveillance system, you can carry on with your busy lifestyle without having to worry about the security of your family.

Remote Access

The remote access feature keeps you in charge of your video surveillance system no matter the time of day and no matter where you are. Remote access to our video surveillance system makes sure that you are in-the-know at all times. All you require is a laptop or your smartphone, and that’s it. You will receive instant updates as soon as there is any unwarranted activity in your home.

Adjustable Motion Detection

When it comes to keeping your home and those who live in it safely, nothing can offer the security and reliability that a video surveillance system does. Our advanced, HD home video surveillance systems also feature adjustable motion detection to enhance your level of protection and keep you, your family and your possessions safe at all times.

24/7 Protection

Thanks to our 24-hour video surveillance systems you will always feel secure knowing your home is protected by the best cloud-based video surveillance system money can buy.


Say ‘No’ to Break-ins and Vandalism

The use of video surveillance is spreading far and wide, and for good reason. Not only does it help as a deterrent to crime, but video surveillance also helps identify the culprits so that they can be brought to justice. While running a business involves having to take some risks, security should never be one of them. This is the main reason that apart from being prevalent in homes, video surveillance systems are being used by business owners as well.

Video Surveillance can address a Business Owner’s Biggest Challenges

Our video surveillance solutions offer cloud-based solutions to smart businesses. The video surveillance we provide can document an incident and use the recorded footage as evidence if needed. Our video surveillance solutions can be used to provide protection against:

  • Vandalism

  • Employee Theft

  • Shoplifting

Our premium quality video surveillance systems, offering you with the latest technology available:

  • LPR – License Plate Recognition

  • FR – Facial Recognition

  • Live analytics – such as missing object / odd behavior etc. 

According to statistics, employee theft is responsible for losses ranging from $20 to $40 billion in the U.S., alone. Keeping that in mind, the use of video surveillance cameras act as an effective and efficient deterrent.

With our premium quality video surveillance systems, you can get the following:

  • An affordable security solution.

  • Protection you can rely on.

  • The best in local customer service support.

  • The assistance and support of a highly experienced and dedicated team of professionals.


To find out more about our video surveillance solutions for businesses contact us today on 888-646-2608 Toll Free.