Burglar Alarm Systems

Did you know that a burglar can enter your home in under 60 seconds?

Don’t gasp yet…it gets worse!

In New York City alone, there are 377,000 property crimes each year.

Burglar Alarms on a Budget

SafeZone24 now offers you smart burglar preventative systems which are ideal for both commercial and private use. According to statistics, the use of alarm systems is by far, the best deterrent for intruders.

Our state-of-the-art sensors are able to detect any movement, both indoors and outdoors, and protect your valuables and even your life. These burglar alarm systems basically provide you with the complete, whole-house protection that you need. While the costs for different burglar alarm systems vary, the following information should give you a good idea of what you should look forward to when it comes to enhancing the security of your home.


While choosing a burglar alarm system will normally depend on your personal preference and budget, it will also depend on the type of home you are living in and the level of protection you are looking for. One of the key factors when considering a burglar alarm system is what you would want it to do when it goes off. For instance, a “siren-only” burglar alarm system will only make a loud sound without notifying anyone, while our alarm system is designed to immediately notify you by email and text and immediately connect you with the central station and police.


Burglar alarm systems can either be wired or wireless depending on the user’s choice. Wireless alarm systems look neater and are easier to install. They can be removed easily too. Wireless alarms use sensors that are battery powered, communicating with a control paned via radio signals. While the alarms themselves can be expensive, you won’t need to hire a professional since you can install them yourself. On the other hand, a wired alarm system will need to be installed by a professional, as the wires will have to be concealed to remain out of view.


An estimated 90% of burglars avoid homes that have burglar alarm systems installed. When a siren-only alarm system is triggered, it makes a loud noise that would hopefully alert the neighbors who could then scare off the intruders. That being said, the siren-only alarm system will not be able to notify you and call the police or the person who you’ve chosen.  When you are choosing a burglar alarm system, consider the kind of area you live in. If you feel that the area is occupied with unsafe characters or if the area doesn’t have a good track record when it comes to burglaries, then it would be wise to get a burglar alarm system that will notify you immediately wherever you are by email/text and connect you with the central station and police in real time.


SafeZone24 provides you with premium quality burglar alarm systems that give you the protection you really need. With our alarm systems, homeowners can leave their homes knowing that it will be well protected while they’re gone and safe till they get back.

With years of experience under our belt, SafeZone24 has the skills and the manpower to thoroughly analyze your home, map out all the access points, and make sure they are covered with our high-quality sensors and detectors.

Our burglar alarm systems provide our clients with:

  • 24/7 professional alarm monitoring.

  • Total control no matter where you are.

  • Real-time notifications on your smartphone.